Big Chief: Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Bio

Big Chief Wife, Big Chief Net Worth, Big Chief Wikipedia, Big Chief  Age, Big Chief Height, Big Chief Bio
Date of Birth : Dec 9th, 1980
Age : 39 Years old
Short bio and age
 Big Chief is a successful man in his professional life. He is loved by many for his daredevil riding skills. But the fans would like to know about this man. People like to discuss some of his cars which are his prize possessions and also his marital life. According to the Big Chief bio, he was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, KY. Big Chief age is 37 years now.
For street racers, cars are the things that they consider as their life. The same can be said about Big Chief. He is always addicted to his cars and that is reasonable given the fact that it is his street racing that made him super famous. He nicknamed “The Crow” for his fantasy car, a modified 1972 Pontiac Lemans. The daredevil rider unleashed a new beast which is entirely a monster, back in 2015.
The new car was Crow mod, and the car was discovered to replace “The Crow”. In the very event, Daddy Dave also exposed Goliath 2.o. Dave had also shared a time-lapse video of the build progress of his Goliath 2.o.
Chief’s “The Crow” was destroyed in a car crash, in a race involving Brian ‘Chuky’ Davis.
 Due to the crash Big Chief suffers from pulmonary contusions and he is injuring his spinal cord but the crash ends well and thus, he survived the crash.
The crash was dreadful but did not stop him from doing what he does best and riding like there is no tomorrow!
Salary and net worth:
He has been someone who has been very dedicated and determined. The sweat and blood he has put through in his career have resulted in getting paid in a huge amount of salary.
In 2015, Big Chief’s net worth was $700,000. As of early 2016, his net worth raised up to $800,000. As the show continues to grow, Big Chief’s net worth will certainly increase. His car show achieved the top spot in the rankings. Chief owns a good number of cars from his career in racing.  His net worth will continue to rise.
Is Big Chief married? Who is his wife?
Apart from having an enormous love for his cars, Big Chief also has a wife in his life who he has been happily married to for a long time. Since September 29, 2006, he is married to his long run girlfriend Allicia Shearer.   Big Chief wife has given birth to two adorable kids till now.
In current days, rumors have hit the media that Big Chief is having an affair with a mysterious woman. Well, we might just have an explanation to the rumors currently surrounding Big Chief.
Big Chief has been supposed to have an affair with a lady named Jacklyn Braasch.
Both have not publicly accepted the rumor but there are rumors that she might be Big Chief's new girlfriend.
Body measurements: height and weight
Big Chief height is 5 feet and 6 inches. There is no other information found regarding his body weight and other body measurements.
Wiki and social media:
Big Chief is very active in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has admirers and followers all around the world. He posts his recent photos on Instagram frequently. More information about his personal and professional life can be found in the Big Chief Wikipedia and other wiki sites.