Misha Collins: age, bio, salary net worth, height, Wiki

Misha Collins age, Misha Collins bio, Misha Collins salary, Misha Collins net worth, Misha Collins height, Misha Collins wiki
Date of Birth : Aug 20th, 1974
Age : 45 Years old
Short bio and age
American actor Misha Collins birth name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. Misha Collins age is 43 years old at this moment. He was born on 20th August 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts of United States. According to Misha Collins bio, his name was announced because of his grandmother’s maiden name. He is best known for his character on Supernatural that was a CW TV series that was made in the year 2008.
Salary and net worth
Misha is one of the highest paid personality. He is supposed to be getting a handsome Misha Collins salary which contributes well to his net worth.As of today, Misha Collins net worth has been estimated somewhere around 2 million dollars. After internship period of 4 months, Misha Collins started his career in film industry. Apart from acting, he is interested in poetry as well and has penned poem with the title baby Pants and Old Bones which was loved by a large number of people. As a struggler, he has even worked as a carpenter. At that time his house was completely burned.
He appeared in films like Karla and Girl, Interrupted while appearing in guest roles on TV shows like Charmed. With the humble beginning and critical praise for his role in Supernatural, he soon was offered several of guest roles on other hit TV shows. From CSI to 24 to even ER and Monk, Mr. Collins has been a part of many such happening series that turned out super hits. Today, he is successful with name, fame and wealth. As of today, Misha Collins net worth has been estimated somewhere around 2 million dollars.
Is Misha Collins married? Who is his wife?
Moving forward to Misha Collins personal life, he is married to his girlfriend Victoria Vantoch after a very long dating relationship. Misha Collins wife is a writer, whom he got married on 6th October 2001 and until the present time he has not stated any of the information about the divorce. Talking about parenting, Misha Collins children have uplifted his life. Being father of a son and a daughter, he is a perfect husband material.
Body Measurements: Height and weight
Misha Collins height is 5 feet and 11 inches but his height is not available. Misha has been involved with various charitable works. He is Broad president and also recognized as a Co-founder of Random Acts. He has been able to fund and inspire acts among the people from all across the world. He is also recognized as a founder of Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Even Seen where his acts are highly appreciated and acknowledged by his fans. One soft spot we have for him is he is a supporter and follower of Buddhism who spent most of his time within the monastery that is located in Nepal. He always visits Nepal for the Buddhism meditation and retreat once in a year for the retreat.
Wiki and social media:
 He has a large number of fan followings on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His bio and profile have been featured on IMDb and Wikipedia. More info on his personal and professional life can be found in Misha Collins Wikipedia and other wiki sites.